Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello everyone. Today, I was in class and saw alot of negative, murderous images of whites murdering blacks and enjoying it. Of course this does not represent all of white america but those images caused a lot of pain within me. I was like "how in the world can you hang someone, castrate them, and bless GOD at the same time"? The images were devilish and made me sick to my stomach and almost brought me to tears. These murderous deeds were occurring only like 30 years ago. Not that far away. At times, they still happen today. Hate still lingers in peoples' heart (blacks, whites, everybody's). Hate, bitterness, false pride, whatever, can afflict any of us, none of us are immune, including myself. Bitterness, we take offense easily when someone offends us. I do the same thing. Why can't we love one another and just be kind? Why are we defensive and proud? Why are we bitter and unforgiving? Also, why do we internalize evil things and then turn and do them to our neighbor and then blame someone else for our wrongdoing? These were all the thoughts that were going through my mind. I pray that GOD can help me to wrestle with these feelings and thoughts and come up with solutions. As a country, we need to heal and forgive and confront evil attitudes and mindsets. I thank GOD that GOD can do all these things if we just humble overselves and trust GOD with our hurt and pain.

GOD bless you for reading!

Humbly submitted