Monday, August 9, 2010

Settle For Nothing Less!

As African People and People of African Descent, I feel that we have settled for less than what GOD has destined for us. As African People, our worldwide total population is over one-billion yet all of our countries are economically, culturally, and politically dependent upon the West and the slowly but steadily rising Eastern Asian World Economic Markets.

Economically, according to, "By 2012, buying power in the African-American demographic will reach more than $1.1 trillion; nearly half of that buying power (45%) will be placed within the Affluent African-American segment. The study goes on to indicate that currently African-American's buying power is $892 billion". While African-Americans are contributing almost $1 trillion a year to the United States economy, the whole African continent only generates $892 billion (Economy of Africa-Wikipedia). To help you better understand why this is alarming is to compare the population differences of African peoples in the United States and those on the continent. According to the United States Census Bureau, African-Americans and other Blacks constitute about 37 million people. However, the African continent holds a population that constitutes a little over 1 billion people (World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision Population Database). This means that a considerably small group of 37 million people make over $200 billion more than all of their 1 billion siblings combined. ALARMING?

Needless to say, all people of African descent are oppressed whether we understand it or not. Economically, African-American businesses make up less than 1 percent of all businesses within the United States (US Census Press Release). How is this so? This shouldn't be since African Americans are the largest minority race within the country (CIA World Factbook- United States). Our brothers and sisters on the continent face the same issue. Settling for less is when we allow corporations from the West to manipulate and exploit the natural resources we have. Resource-wise, Africa is the richest continent on Earth. Unfortunately, the West continues to take, take, and take our abundance and turn it into our lack. Also, we settle for less when as people of African descent, we understand what is happening in Africa and we do nothing about it.

Many people who recently migrate to the United States do not fully understand nor grasp the economic difficulties that African-Americans within the United States face. Also, I personally believe that many people of other ethnic groups who benefit from African-American consumption take African-Americans for granted. This miseducated and selfish mindset is due in part to the poor media image of African-Americans around the world. Many people who have businesses within the African-American community mistreat their African-American customers. The poor media images of African-Americans as drug abusers, sexually loose, drug-pushers, pimps, and a people who are loaded down with all types of negative vices has had a huge negative impact on the psyche of the majority of all people who reside within the United States.

Realistically, people of ALL ethnicities and races have these types of problems in their communities. Why is it that African-Americans' problems are exacerbated in the media? If the media wants to continually point out a people's flaws, shouldn't all races and ethnic groups problems be exposed in the same intensity and light as the African-American? I submit that this systematic wickedness and injustice is completely purposeful! In the larger scheme of things, if other ethnic groups and races who migrate to the United States with an already predetermined higher social-economic status than African-Americans have this miseducated mindset, then they will most likely see it as okay, acceptable, and sadly, necessary to mistreat African-Americans. This is done unconsciously and at times consciously because the media has already planted in the minds of many people that African-Americans are inferior and everyone else is above us. This false pride is not of GOD but of Satan!

This mindset doesn't just damage African-Americans but also damages how Africans view African-Americans and also themselves. Many Africans who come to the United States have been saturated with negative stereotypes of African-Americans as we have of our African brothers and sisters. This causes many Africans and African-Americans to dislike and not associate with one another. This fuels the systematic oppression of all people of African descent! Those in power (not all whites) but the ones in power (and only those who support the demonic system of oppression) want this lack of unity amongst Africans world-wide! They not only want this but they NEED this lack of unity to maintain their greedy grasp over the continent of Africa's resources! The instigators of oppression feed the lies that the continent of Africa and our African brothers and sisters are depraved, poor, dirty, filthy, and GOD-forsaken. On the contrary, these are the lies of the media (and of Satan who is behind the scenes)! Yes, there are obstacles in Africa - but many are of EXTERNAL CAUSES!!! Also, if this is all of Africa, then why have non-African people for over 3,000 years been invading the continent of Africa and draining it of its resources and people?!!! Africa is rich, full of GOD's truth, and great people who are pressing on to live even in the midst of life's obstacles!!!

As African people worldwide we MUST see through this smokescreen! We must see that this lack of unity, negative stereotypes and whatever other tools that are being used to hinder us must be overcome! If we do not see past these issues, we will continue to be dominated! We must overcome our prejudices, hatred, fears, dislikes, personal opinions, etc, and choose to love one another and embrace one another and our differences. We must not allow our religious beliefs to hinder our unity! Many of those in power use everything they can think of, even GOD, to meet their desires! Some of those in power, in my opinion, who claim to be believers and followers of Christ are NOT! Jesus never emphasized violence! Jesus said to share the gospel, aka "the good news" with and in love! Jesus spoke through the Apostle Paul when it was written in the scriptures that we war not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places! Jesus says that we are to love our enemies and not to destroy them! War, hatred, prejudice, murder, bitterness, etc are acts that GOD wants to take out of our hearts.

Those who claim to be Christians - followers of Christ - must press on to serve as peace-makers in their individual spheres of life! GOD wants all Africans to unite, and serve HIM first and develop our nations second! GOD wants justice for ALL people. GOD is not for racism, prejudice, and mind-numbing poverty! Many nations who say they are "Christian" are not!  GOD wants Africans worldwide to turn our lives to HIM and serve HIM! GOD loves all of Africa's children! WE WILL NOT SETTLE FOR LESS!!!!

Humbly Submitted by:

Edmund Walton & Julius Nyerere


  1. We both did excellent in our first, but not our last collaboration.

  2. I am in love with all your writing, May God reason with you as you write to cause a change in the society and in the world of today...